Visualizing Framed Work on Walls

How will my framed photo look on my wall?

It can be difficult to imagine what a picture will look like once framed and hanging on a wall. To assist you with that, here are some samples from my inventory demonstrating how various types of images framed will show in different settings.

Should you have an interest in a particular picture or pictures, message me with the title(s) and collection name where seen and what kind of room so I can create a representation for you. If you have a quality picture of your wall as it will look, you might be able to send it to me so I can add a framed version to give you some idea of how it might look. It will never be exact but it will give you a sense!

PLEASE NOTE!  Sizing on a visualized wall is approximate. There  is no way to be exact such as how a 30"x20"  frame will  appear proportionately.

A Cacophony of Color

White walls and white furniture call for a bold statement of color. Frame up this one-of-a-kind foggy sunset to do the job!

Bird on the Moon

Less is more and this piece is the epitome of that. A simple bird on a simple metal sculpture in the middle of a bay.

Moored in the Fog

Pair up pictures over a longer wall. Brighten up your trendy navy walls with these impressionistic pictures.

Three Boats

Add a sophisticated look to your living area! Black and white photography is "in" and trending right now!

Fishing Nets at Rest

Of Fishnets and Poles

Two Landings

Pick up the tonal grays  in your room with this stunningly decisive moment of waves crashing and a cormorant landing above.

Use the impact of multiple pieces that work well together.

Here are some B&W pictures toned in a slight sepia. A perfect match for neutral living room tones.

The Unveiling

Supernatural Structures

The Pinnacle

Adding this image of an old English abbey can set the atmosphere of one's sanctuary. A place to rest and unwind.

Fountains Abbey

Circling into the Fog

Not to be forgotten are the blank walls of stairways!

Choose a framed picture of lovable animals for your baby to talk to.

What's Up?

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Have an elegant space that calls for a touch of royalty?

Repeat your dominant room color with a touch of its color on your wall, bringing together the white with the red.

Winter's Survivors

Snowy Dustings

The simplicity of gray walls and minimalist furnishings call for black and white.

Find a painterly style landscape with interesting skies to liven up your sophisticated minimalist hallway.

Cape Bianco Light

Pick up on the accents in your room and embellish it with a framed piece that speaks to its decor and tones.

Of Rocks and Curves

The bedroom is a place for quiet and calm. Bring the Maine coast with its hushed foggy landscape and soaring birds into your room for a restful night's sleep.


The Small and the Mighty

Dress up that gray wall  with a stunning piece of mother nature softened by mist and fog and a runner.

Add a touch of nostalgia to your retro bath!

The Old Homestead

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