Mysteries of Magical Meteora

A miraculous vision of religious structures built atop steep rock pinnacles. It is mysterious, magical and ethereal. Fog rolled in and around the rock formations making it a very spiritual experience. Sunrays occasionally broke through the clouds and fog as if God were reaching down from Heaven to bless this amazing place. The fog softened the harsh rocks blanketing the monateries in silence. It was nothing short of mystical. Click here for more images.

Beautiful Souls of Romania

We had the honor of visiting the back country of rural Romania with a wonderful young photographer who introduced us to many local inhabitants. We heard stories about their lives from WWII in which neighbors were taken away to concentration camps, through the regime of Ceaucescu's dictatorship and to what life was like suddenly after the revolution and his assassination. We were welcomed with open arms, given food and drink. I have included some of their portraits here in this website.

Serene Waterscapes

Greece is a land of water. With water come fishing boats and piers, weirs and the occasional flooded dying tree or bush. Water is serene and peaceful and when you make it a long exposure, you create an even more calm, quiet scene. We need images like this in our time of disruption and uncertainty. Photography is an art that serves to soothe the soul and lift the spirit. More images like this are viewable here.

A Fading Culture

Rural Romania is a land of old traditions and ways of life. Many exist without electricity or running water. Few own cars and many don't own tractors. The modes of transportation are horses and oxen or cattle are used for heavy labor in the fields. Despite not having the modern conveniences that we take for granted, the people of Romania are so open to strangers and so welcoming. They seem satisfied with their lives for the most part. Their community is important to them and they cherish the beautiful countryside in which they live.  Some live in villages while others live remotely high in the hills of the Carpathian mountains. I have tried to capture the essence of the Romanians and their surroundings in these few images.

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