Hokkaido in Black and White

Japan is known for its stunning beauty in its uncomplicated art and architecture. Simplicity in lines and forms. Simplicity in dress. Where else does a photographer want to go to find landscapes that offer opportunities to create calming images than winter in Hokkaido? Snow  blankets the land allowing only the graceful structure of leafless trees to stand out against the white of the landscape. Small animal tracks help lead the eye to the subject. Enjoy the peaceful effect of these attached images...

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Hokkaido in Color

The soft colors created by the winter light in northern Japan lends itself beautifully to the use of color even in minimalism photography. These scenes in particular seemed to tell the story better in color. This set includes the fox in the landscape in some of the images! Click here to see them all.

Simplicity in Architecture

Modern Japanese architecture holds true to the concepts of clean lines and simplicity as seen here in some night shots in the city. Beauty in the use of lighting its lines and curves juxtaposed against each other. Check out this series of black and white images!


Red Crowned Cranes

The northern most island in Japan, Hokkaido, houses resident red crowned cranes, named for the red skin on the crown of their heads. They are stately birds standing as tall as 5' with wing spans as much as 8'! These birds mate for life which is between 30-40 years. They exhibit an interesting form of mating behavior known as "dancing". They will approach each other in a manner that looks like a dance, then start honking which can set up the others to do likewise. You will see images here of the honking (in cold air!) as well as dancing with their wings furled out and legs in the air. They are such fun to watch! 

We had a sudden snow squall come up which triggered the birds to take off flying. The atmosphere turned a shade of blue with snow swirling all around us. Here are a few images I captured of the cranes on a sanctuary and in the river where they spend the night. We were fortunate to see mist rising at sunrise one morning casting a gorgeous mysterious light onto the birds and hoar frost on the trees turning them shades of pink and lavender. Click here for the cranes




When asked by a talented young photographer-in-training if she could shadow me for landscape photography in fog, what else does one do but say, "Wellll...do you want to go to Maine?!!" And we did! Both fully vaccinated, we each donned our masks for the plane ride and spent a glorious week in fog and rain with the occasional "blue skies, who needs 'em!" Not only did she learn from me but I from her.

A selection of my images here


Gradually returning to normal, our photography buddies and we took off for 10 days in Oregon to capture ethereal, dreamy, dramatic images and just to reconnect after a three year hiatus from traveling together. Words do not describe the experience of hearing the pounding of waves, feeling fog encircle you in a hushed silence and marveling at nature's work in creating dramatic mysterious seastacks. Only images can do that!

Enjoy a sampling here


Art is about experimenting with new ideas and looks. Shooting through a windshield in the rain or adding brush strokes as a painter would with a brush can make add mood and make statements words cannot.

See examples here


My love of fog combined with a funky old time pinhole lens created these dreamy, wispy images. Winter trees seemed especially well suited to thissee  treatment. My discovery of another local spot resulted in these images!

See examples here

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