Tranquil Mornings Sample Wall Views

Receding Peninsulas

Blanketed in Fog

The Family

When you have soft colors, this trio from the Tranquil Mornings Collection with its subtly blue toned treescapes on a foggy lake is just what you need to complete the setting.


Pair up these two images created in the hush of fog to make your reading area a cozy quiet space.

The Little Sentinel

Finding Peace

This little morning coffee spot with its comfy blue chair and throw call for a painterly soothing picture on the wall above.

A dark wall works so well with a minimalist picture. And monotones stand out against black. Weave in a touch of the blue with a throw and a small vase.

Standing Out

Bedrooms require tranquility. A king sized bed is wide enough to accommodate a set of three pictures. Use one horizontal frame bookended by two verticals to add interest. This set of three has a gray blue overtone of early morning fog so they work well in gray rooms.

A Watery Ghostly Trail

Wet Feet

Winding Vine

White rooms are so easy to live with but they need a little punch of color. These three framed pictures bring just the right amount and even add a little complementary color to the blue. They were all taken the same morning in a foggy flooded forest so they blend very well together. The middle picture caught the maple leaves freshly budding on the toppling tree. Sadly that maple is no longer - it was a moment in time!

Reaching Out

Magical Buds

Misty Morning Blooms

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