Select Wall Views - Stilled by Silence

Bird on the Moon

Less is more and this piece is the epitome of that. A simple bird on a simple metal sculpture in the middle of a bay.

Minimalism is in now! This fine art black and white piece serves to remind us that even trees fight to stay alive as it provides a roost for many small birds.

Last Stand

Phantom Bird

A simple black and white square framed photo of a ghost bird resting on a piling as sunrays gently bathe it fits the warm tones of this living area.

Complement your black tableware with this fine art piece of an old fishing shack and its boats wobbling about in the water.


Hanging On and Topless

When a professional look is needed to fit sleek surroundings, put these twins up in nice large square frames.

A restful chic space requires restful elegant framed photographs. Make them square and large for more impact!

Silent Lagoons II

Of Fishnets and Poles

Introduce the charm of old boats into your space, especially if it is near the ocean!


Still Motion

Bring together your black and white decor with this calming B&W minimalist picture of a cloudy sunrise over the lake cypress.

Mattamuskeet Morning

Strong and Beautiful

Add some simple elegance to your already elegant furnishings. A minimalist picture complements a more complex piece of furniture.

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