Spiritually Enlightened Sample Wall Views

Adding this image of an old English abbey can set the atmosphere of one's sanctuary. A place to rest and unwind.

Fountains Abbey

Heavenly Rays

Add a few rays of hope into  your home with this inspiring view of a Gothic catheral intricate ceiling as the sun pours through its clerestory windows in a beautiful stream of light.

This award winning picture with its magical light piercing through the fog to illuminate the crosses makes a perfect accompaniment to a contemplative spot.

Enshrouded in Fog

Holy Silhouettes

You could also add the church to the picture of the foggy crosses to give it a sense of place!

Enshrouded in Fog

Your creative space needs a little inspiration! Mentally picture yourself sitting on this bench in total quiet as the light beams down from the rafters onto you.

Heavenly Light

This set of pictures were all shown in an exhibition together. Each looks to portray the contemplative nature of old small European churches where the sun gently shines through beautiful colorful stained glass windows bathing their dark corners in light. Feel the power of those spaces as you gaze at the collection on a wall.

Mystical Light

Putting the old with the new. Complement these two contemporary chairs with two frames from very old churches or monasteries. Simple dramatic black and white makes a great counterpoint!

The Fountain at San Juan Capistrano

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