"Seeing in Sixes" - A Series of Six Image Projects

"Seeing in Sixes" project is a compact expression of a single nature, possibly a story, definitely a theme, held together stylistically, and making a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts: tight, distilled to the essentials, impactful, deeper than what is possible with a single image." - Brooks Jensen

"A Tranquil Morning"

Lynne was honored to have been selected as one of 50 photographers for the 2018 edition of "Seeing in Sixes," the third in a series published by Brooks Jensen and Maureen Gallagher of LensWork Publishing Company.

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Receding Peninsulas


"My primary aim is not to represent outer experiences - appearances, events, interesting subject matter, or fortuitous feats of light - but to imbue my images with a sense of inner experience - thoughts, moods, emotions, and epiphanies. When literal appearance and expressive intent are in contention, I have no qualms about departing from realistic depictions in the name of self=expression." - Guy Tal

The Family


When all my favorite ingredients come together, I can feel the adrenaline pumping. Winter's trees, water and fog. I must move quickly as the fog drifts in and out, the light comes and goes. I find the composition I want. My subject is isolated and its supporting actors fade into the background. Now I must add my own interpretation of what I saw through the lens - the tones, the light, the textures of the fog. Early light. Cool day. Calm waters. My images must convey the mood. Tranquil. Quiet. Blue.

The Little Sentinel


Finding Peace




Standing Out


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