Foggy night, Lubec Maine, lobster boat, fishing pier, mysterious, dense fog, lobstermen, night shots, spooky, eerie, minimal
Out of the Shadows
lobsters, lobtermen, Maine, fishing boat, marine life, fishermen, Lubec Maine, Campobello Island, fog, black and white bnw,
In a Hurry
old factory, sardine factory, Lubec Maine, foggy harbor, downeast Maine, relics of fishing industry, abandoned, charming, nostalgic scenery, moody image, black and white photography
Remnants of Yesteryear
Minimalism, foggy photography, Downeast Maine, fog, old barn, mysterious fog, bnw, black and white, dense fog,
Barely There
Rocky coast, Campobello Island, Canada, small island, islet, foggy day, impressionistic, ethereal. lonely, Atlantic coast
Lone Islet
coastline fog, islands of Maine, lobstering, fishing harbor, dreamy image, enchanting, captivating scenery, Maine coastline
Out to Sea
foggy downeast maine, summer fog, tall grasses, Campobello bridge, Lubec Maine, big and small, perspectives. tall and thin, nature vs hand of man
essence of summer in Maine, foggy morning, sunny flowers, summer flowers, Campobello Island bridge, Lubec Maine, ethereal, romantic, soft, peaceful, colorful, foggy bay, grasses, flowers, ...
Essence of Summer
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