God rays. wooded sunlight. foggy breakthrough. oak forest. sunrays. fall is coming. magical light. dreamscapes
Last Rays
fall colors. autumn trees, wooded lane. young couple. covid outings. fall walk in the woods. peaceful woodlands
Autumn Love
lifting fog. sun burning through the fog. mystical, magical, soothing. soft light. filtered sunlight. foggy riverbank. silhouetted trees. winter trees.
Isolated Island
minimalistic photography, black and white photography, BnW. canoeing. river paddling. into nature. covid escape. isolating. natural recreation. father and sons.
A Covid Break
magical marshland. impressionist photography. muted colors of spring. fog in the marsh. misty morning. dreamy landscapes. mysterious marshes. fine art photography
Magical Marshlands
heron in flight. calm waters. misty lake morning. minimalistic photography. peaceful scenery. ethereal image. sere
Landing Zone
pink sunrise, flood waters, pink waters, winter trees, flooded trees. restful. still water. serene waterscape. soft sunrise. quiet. hush. dreamy photographs. minimalism.
In the Pink
island in the mist. lone island. minimalistic photography, black and white, BnW, negative space. mystical. serenity. isolated. soft. fine art photography
Lone Island
morning's golden glow. rising mist on the river. foggy marshland. golden sunrise. White Oak Creek. Apex NC. calm water. still reflections. mystical. serene. calm.
Morning's Golden Glow
lifting fog. sun burning through the fog. mystical, magical, soothing. soft light. filtered sunlight. foggy riverbank. silhouetted trees. winter trees.
Softly Shining
winter pastoral trees. fading view. foggy day. barely there. mysterious landscape. ethereal. magical. hazy. black and white ethereal fine art photography photography, minimalism.
Memories of a Pasture
cold morning on the lake. mist rising. boat launch pad, mystical. ethereal. mist at dawn. golden light. magical mist.
Mist Rising
heron reflection. fishermen reflections. minimalistic photography. black and white image. minimalism. morning fog. Lake Jordan.
Three Fishermen
winter trees. flooded lake. still photography. long exposure photography. bare trees. under water trees. calmness. serenity. ethereal photography. black and white photography
Under Water
photography friends. covid socializing. late fall colors. lake shoreline. photography outing. early morning calm. fall trees. bare trees. hazy morning on the lake.
Covid Phriends
Isolating during covid. fresh air. winter tree. tree of life. black and white sunset. Jordan Lake. sitting under a tree. winter skies at sunset
By the Tree
pink haze. morning light. dawn reflections. lake island. soft image. ethereal photography, serenity, calm, early morning light in fog. Jordan Lake NC.
Pink Haze
morning marsh. yellows and oranges of morning. impressionistic. fall color. early morning light. color photography.
Morning Marsh Colors
dreamy. foggy. reflections. herons. trees in fog. serene. still waters. bird reflections. water birds. four herons. ethereal. calm. quiet. minimalism. fine art photography
Four Herons
roots. tree roots. bald head island, nc. old tree. black and white photography.
dreamscapes, lake sunrise, foggy sunrise, island of trees, sunrise trees, winter trees, dreamy photography, pink, lavendar and blue sunrise, fine art photography
Sunrise Dreams
stillness on the lake. heron. soft image. peaceful waters. foggy waterscape. serenity. calm. water birds. black and white image.
Be Still!
ghosts of gimghoul. foggy night photography. castle reproduction. eerie, dramatic, spooky
Ghosts of Gimghoul II
abstract photography, pier reflections. color photography. impressionistic photography. Bald Head Island. North Carolina.
Pier Wiggles
spooky tree. tree silhouette, foggy tree. backlit tree. mysterious. dramatic fog. black and white photo.
Spooky Tree
Winter tree. feathery tree. black and white photography. Jordan lake. Chapel Hill, NC. Pittsboro nc.
Feathery Tree
foggy lake, lake plants, lake shrubs. black and white image. peaceful. serene. ethereal. quiet. minimalism
Water Shrubbery
osprey nest, two osprey silhouettes, morning light, bird nest. silhouette photography.
Osprey Silhouettes
serious fishermen, lake fishing, covid activities, sixteen fishing poles, serious fishing rig, black and white photography
Sixteen Poles
covid vacation, winter beach, winter skies, silhouettes, lonely covid days, outdoor fun, staying safe from Covid.
Lonely Days of Covid
covid outdoor play. paddle boarding. in camera movement photography. impressionistic image. black and white photo minimalism
Paddling Mirage
ghosts of gimghoul. foggy night photography. castle reproduction. stone castle. eerie. spooky. ghostly. dramatic.
Ghosts of Gimghoul
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