Scotland and England

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Artist Statement

Part of travel photography for me is capturing the spirit and feel of the country being visited. The Scotland I love is all about vast rural expanses of stone walls and rocky landscapes accentuated by white houses and appealing farm animals. Add in the rapidly changing weather, especially along coastal areas, a photographer is given opportunities to play with light and dramatic skies. It is up to me to capture the essence of the mood created by the dance of light on the land and/or waterscapes. Although there is much more to England than rural landscapes, it is those rolling hills and soft light of the English countryside that draws me in. Sprinkled with ruins of old abbeys, churches, castles and farms, I am transported back well before my ancestors left the lands of Scotland and England and the romantic part of me longs for the peace and simplicity of life of that age. However, photographing the austere stone abbeys, cold castles and churches, I am brought back to the reality that life then was a lot more difficult than my romantic idealism dreamed of. While wishing to portray the peace and simplicity of England's countryside, I must sprinkle in images of the less comfortable side of life lived in those old stone edifices.

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