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Maine. Fog. Low light. Rocky coastline. Fishing boats. Lobster shacks. Coves and inlets. Waves crashing. Lighthouses. Lakes. Islands. Quaint architecture. Independent spirit. Unpretentious. What's not to love about Maine? Maine is a one-of-a-kind. You can be yourself in Maine. No pretenses needed. Casual clothes. No makeup. Even large houses are not fancy. It is a place to escape to. Although busy in summer, you can find solitude somewhere. Besides France, my heart is in Maine as well. One goes there to refresh the spirit. The hush of fog when it rolls in over the water and onto the land - the soft northern light blankets the chilly waters and rocky coast. Sunsets are colorful over the water. My photography must capture the mood and spirit of Maine. I yearn for fog there - and in winter, snow. Snow and fog isolate subjects often softening them. The mood is set. I am an artist with a camera. My work begins with the click of the shutter, setting the composition. Then the fun begins - choosing how to paint the picture of Maine's simplicity. It is not a replication of what I see, not a recording, but an interpretation of what I felt as I gazed into the fog to see that muted lobster boat off in the distance. I see colors of blue, sometimes golden brown. Textures paint the scene as mist surrounds coves and islands. Viewing those images I am transported to that spirit of Maine and hope my viewers follow along with me.

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