France - of City and Country

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France is in my heart. It is half of me biologically. I grew up speaking French as I was alone with my mother and my French speaking-only grandmother. It was my first language as my father was in Europe jumping out of airplanes fighting the Nazis. After the war, we were fortunate to be able to spend a year in France when I was only six. Paris. Clermont-Ferrand. Traveling around France. It felt like home and still does. I yearn to live there at times weren't it for my family and friends here. There is a softness to the countryside. The light is soft especially when the French mist and fog rolls in. Trees line many roads softening the landscape. Even cities are filled with trees and beautiful architecture. The French appreciate beauty. They care for their woods and parks. They have an aesthetic. It is that aesthetic I hope to portray through my images here.

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