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Note: This is for prints only.  Please mention image title and size desired. The sizes listed are the size of the image, not the paper which will be larger with margins. Framed and/or just matted prints will require special orders. Framed prices will vary by size and type of glass used (regular, conservation - UV protected, plexiglas or museum - anti reflective and UV protected.) Please contact me for more information.  Shipping to US only (not included).

Prints are professionally printed on archival quality papers only. Type of paper (matte or luster ) will depend on the specific image.  In some cases the print may do best on a metallic paper.  The images are printed in limited editions and signed. As individual prints in a group of a limited edition set sell, the prices increase. Once we have made contact, please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping as each print is custom made. You may contact me to obtain the pricing structure for a particular print.  Please see below for sizing.

Please understand that we often travel to make more pictures!  So, there may be a delay in responding to your request.

For Horizontal or Vertical images with a 3:2 ratio


  12" x 18" - 20 editions

  16" x 24" - 15 editions

 30" x 20" - 10 editions



For Square format prints

  15" x 15" - 20 editions

 18" x 18" - 15 editions

22" x 22" - 10 editions

larger - custom quoted

For Horizontal or Verticals in a 4:5 ratio

12" x 15" - 20 editions

16" x 20" - 15 editions

21.6" x 27" - 10 editions

For Horizontal and Vertical Images with a 4:3 ratio

13.5" x 18" - 20 editions

18" x 24" - 15 editions

21" x 28" -  10 editions

For Panos

Long Edge: 

20 editions

15 editions

10 editions





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